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Welcome to Yangshuo!
Yangshuo Li RiverWelcome to Yangshuo which is one of the most beautiful small towns in the world ! If you were to ask me which is the best place to live in China, I would name the three places. One is Lhasa in Tibet (the roof of world) - the place that let us know how pure the heart can be! The second place is Sanya town in Hainan Island - where we can enjoy swimming in the cold winter and know that how big the word would be! The third place is Yangshuo now you are here! where God has blessed this group of kind and friendly people. Here there is not only the beautiful Li River, the dramatic karst hills and amazing caves but also enough seasonal fruits, crops, fish and fresh meat to eat! First, please follow us and start your journey of Yangshuo ...

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Yangshuo Snow Lion Riverside Resort
Yangshuo Sonw Lion Resort out looking We opened the Snow Lion Riverside Resort in 2007, and we have sought to combine the natural beauty of the area with a quality hotel of the highest standard.

All of our rooms have private balconies with panoramic views of the river, vegetable gardens and mountains.The rice fields just few minutes walk way by the villages...

The “Bagua” village of Mushan is just 150 meters away which the wander through will introduce our guests to the local life in a rural Chinese village.

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